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Hammarby IF HF F11 Vit

Registration number: 1176
Registrator: Anne Ter-Borch
Primary shirt color: Green
Leader: Veronica Persson
Mia Johansson
In addition to the two Hammarby teams, 31 other teams played in Flickor 11. They were divided into 3 different groups, whereof Hammarby IF HF Vit could be found in Group 2 together with KFUM Trollhättan 2, Önnereds HK Svart, Kärra HF 3, HK Country Röd, Torslanda HK Röd, HK Guldkroken Röd, Skövde HF 2, HK Aranäs 2, Växjö HF Svart and Halmstad Handboll 2.

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