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HK Country F11 Svart

Registration number: 1165
Registrator: Robert Jansson
Primary shirt color: Black
Secondary shirt color: Red
Leader: Kalle Gustafsson
Robert Jansson
Åsa Nystedt
In addition to the three Country teams, 30 other teams played in Flickor 11. They were divided into 3 different groups, whereof HK Country Svart could be found in Group 1 together with Täby Handboll, HK Aranäs 1, Skövde HF 1, KFUM Trollhättan 1, IK Sund 1, HF Orust, Önnereds HK Grön, Kärra HF 1, IF Hallby HK 1 and Halmstad Handboll 1.

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