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Växjö HF P11 Svart

Registration number: 1081
Registrator: Dennis Popperyd
Primary shirt color: Yellow
Leader: Ingela Åberg
Frida Larsson
In addition to the two Växjö teams, 22 other teams played in Pojkar 11. They were divided into 2 different groups, whereof Växjö HF Svart could be found in Group 2 together with Skara HK 2, Habo HK, RP IF Linköping 2, IFK Skövde HK 2, HP Tibro, HK Country 1, Torslanda HK 1, Kärra HF 2, IFK Skövde HK 4, Skara HK 3 and Alingsås HK 2.

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